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Prowork is a leading Polish recruitment agency providing Au Pair placements since 1999! We work in partnership with professional Au Pair agencies from many countries all over the world and help match young people from Poland with host families abroad.

We offer our candidates help in preparing the application,  matching process with the host family and travel&flight arrangements.  We aim at offering our au pairs personal support during the whole period of placement. Being an au pair is a unique opportunity of language & culture immersion and lifetime experience. You can view some feedback from our au pairs and see their Au pair blogs and photos. You are welcome to share your opinions on Prowork Facebook profile.

At present Prowork offers au pair placements in 15 countries worldwide. You can choose a host family from the following countries: Au Pair Austria, Au Pair Belgium, Au Pair China, Au Pair France, Au Pair Germany, Au Pair Germany, Au Pair Great Britain, Au Pair Holland, Au Pair Ireland, Au Pair Iceland, Au Pair Italy, Au Pair Norway, Au Pair Sweden, Au Pair Switzerland, Au Pair Spain, Au Pair the USA.                                  

As an Au Pair with host family abroad you will be are provided with free food and accommodation and pocket money (300-600 Euro in Europe, 800 USD in the USA). Also a refund of travel costs and a language course are offered by the majority of host families.

Most of the Au pair contracts are for 1 year but there are also summer Au Pair placements for 1-3 months in the UK, France, Italy and Spain.

We accept Au Pair applicants mainly from Poland and EU countries. Acceptance of candidates from other countries is subject to their eligibility.

To apply for an Au Pair program you need to fill out a required application form including references and photos and pay the registration fee.
For more details please contact our consultants by phone or email at

Full information about Au Pair Program Worldwide is available on the Polish version of Prowork website.

Become an Au Pair- have lifetime experience!



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