For candidates seeking childcare jobs in Poland

Candidates seeking childcare jobs in Poland are welcome to apply for the following positions offered by Prowork agency:

Overseas nannies in Poland
–  Job opportunities for English speaking nannies in Poland. Live-in, full-time nanny jobs in Warsaw for Polish families. Full information about overseas nannies in Poland.

Language tutors in Poland
–   volunteer teaching and homestay in Poland for English native speakers! Live with a Polish family in exchange for language lessons! Have a chance to know Polish culture! Full information about volunteer tutors in Poland.

Au Pairs in Poland
–  interested in Poland and Polish culture? Become an au pair in Poland! Take care of children and live with a Polish family in Warsaw, Cracow or GdaƄsk. Full information about Au Pairs in Poland.

Au Pairs worldwide
–  Prowork offers au pair placement with families in 15 countries worldwide including the UK, the USA, Switzerland, France and China. Learn foreign languages and get inspired by other cultures, become an Au Pair! Find more information about Prowork Au pairs worldwide.

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