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Prowork agency helps families hire a qualified nanny, governess, babysitter or housekeeper. All candidates recruited by us are nonsmokers, they have suitable qualifications and can speak English and/or other foreign language. Prowork agency specializes in the recruitment of bilingual nannies for international/ expat families in Poland (Warsaw) and other European countries.

Please find below some typical childcare job descriptions as guidelines to help you define the type of a childcarer you look for. In practice your nanny/family helper can have various duties and responsibilities which will fit your needs. You are welcome to discuss with us your specific childcare needs.

  • Daily nanny – a full-time childcarer who takes care of children daylong. The daily nanny usually works from Monday to Friday, 8-9 hours a day and her main responsibilities are: sole charge of a child/children, walking, stimulating children’s development (including teaching a foreign language) according to parents’ suggestions. Moreover, the daily nanny is responsible for preparing nutritious meals, feeding, changing diapers for babies, keeping children's bedrooms and play areas clean and safe. The daily nanny is usually employed by parents with small children who do not attend kindergarten yet.
  • Live-in nanny – basically, the live-in nanny has the same duties and responsibilities as the daily nanny, but she lives in the employer’s house and is more flexible regarding working extra hours including evening babysitting. The nanny is given a separate room and the food is provided for her by the employer. The live-in nanny is a perfect solution for busy families who need a flexible childcarer to fit their needs/ schedule .
  • Part-time nanny – if you need a nanny only for some mornings or afternoons, we can offer you a part-time nanny who will fit your individual needs. Typically, the part-time nanny takes care of children in the afternoons (after school nanny), or works according to a changeable schedule (some mornings /afternoons) to fit your individual needs. The responsibilities of the part-time nanny, depending on parents’ needs and preferences, can include: picking up children from school/kindergarten, preparing meals, helping with homework, teaching foreign languages, educational activities, etc.
  • On Call nanny/babysitter –  when a babysitter is needed from time to time (in the evenings, weekends or other time) you can use our “on call nanny services”. We will recruit a nanny for you as per your individual requirements, who will be available to work “on call” and babysit in the evenings or whenever you need. The babysitter’s duties are discussed with parents (these are mainly playing with children, feeding and preparing children for sleep). Typical babysitters are usually students of linguistic or pedagogical faculties with verified childcare experience. Prowork agency has a large database of trustworthy bilingual babysitters available to work on temporary basis. All the candidates can speak fluent English or German/French but we also have candidates speaking Russian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian, Hungarian or other languages
  • Overseas nanny –  For families looking for a native English speaking nanny in Warsaw (or other native speaker nanny), there is an option of hiring a nanny from abroad for a live-in position. Poland is not a popular destination for foreign nannies, but due to the increasing interest and needs of families Prowork agency can assist you in recruitment and employment of the overseas nanny for contract in Warsaw. Living with a native speaker could be a unique opportunity for your children to grow up in a bilingual environment. Polish families can consider employing a Chinese, Filipino or French nanny. It is possible to bring to Poland nannies from Philippines, China, Great Britain, Spain, France, Mexico, the USA and the Republic of South Africa. Due to visa and work permit procedure (it doesn’t apply to EU citizens) the whole process of search and employment of the foreign nanny in Poland can take a couple of months.
  • Governess – a well educated person who not only takes care of children but also teaches and educates them in a private household paying attention to their social development. Parents who want to provide their children a versatile development hire a governess. They usually offer her a good salary. Prowork agency has many governess candidates. Our candidates have pedagogic preparation, they know at least one foreign language and have several years of childcare experience proved by written references. They are nonsmoking and well-mannered tutors who have artistic abilities, play some instrument and practice some sport.
  • Housekeeper  –   if you need a trustworthy housekeeper in Warsaw, we can present you suitable candidates to take care of your house . The typical housekeeper’s duties include: general cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. Your housekeeper can also perform childcare related tasks. Prowork can offer you candidates available to work on both part-time and full-time positions. The live-in or live-out housekeeper/domestic helper options are possible.

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