Babysitting services Warsaw

On Call Nanny/ Temporary Babysitting Services Warsaw

Arranging reliable babysitters for a night at the theatre or dinner with friends can be stressful and difficult for parents.
We are happy to provide you with bilingual childcarers (speaking good English, French, German or other languages) whilst you go out in the evening. All of our babysitters are personally interviewed, and
their references are checked and screened to the highest standard.

We offer following babysitting services covering Warsaw and surrounding areas:

1. On CALL Nanny 
If you need a babysitter quite often, but irregularly the “On call nanny” would be the best option for you!  Instead of searching a babysitter each time you need to go out, you will have the same person who will fit your needs and can baby-sit on your request! We have placed ”On call babysitters” for many families in Warsaw and it works very well.

How it works?
We recruit for you a babysitter (or 2 candidates to guarantee more flexibility if needed) who live in your area and will be available for your specific needs and ad hoc childcare needs (going out, business travels and so on). An extra babysitting cover is guaranteed by Prowork in case you are not be able to book "your" babysitter.
The advantages of the "on CALL nanny":

-  your kids will have the same nanny each time you need

-  your nanny/babysitter can work on your request flexible hours/days 

-  a quick and direct contact with your On CALL nanny/babysitter

-  a friendly support of Prowork during the subscription period.

Your costs:

Agency fee - 12 months subscription - 800 zloty + 23 % VAT
Nanny/babysitter’s salary – the agreed rate per hour

2. Temporary Nanny/ Babysitter
If you need a temporary nanny/babysitter (a supply nanny or a hotel babysitter), we can provide you with a childcarer for one time booking ( for example for the evening / weekend/ couple of days). To book a nanny 2-3 days notice is required.

Your costs:

 Agency fee -  200 zloty(1-2 days services) /300zl  (3-5 days services). 23% vat tax will be added

  Nanny/babysitter’s salary – the agreed rate per hour

f you want to use our
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If you look for full time childcare services, please visit: Nanny options.

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