Nanny in Warsaw salary guide

"How much should I pay my nanny/babysitter/governess/housekeeper in Warsaw?"

The nanny’s salary depends on many factors, and hence it is difficult to give a specific rate. The average pay rates offered for nannies in Warsaw are 15- 20 zl net per hour or more. For live-n positions you need to provide free of charge food and accommodation (a separate room and bathroom).

Depending on the nanny experience and qualifications, flexibility and range of responsibilities the salary can be discussed individually.
Top salaries are offered for experienced bilingual nannies and governesses.   

Please note that in the area of Mokotow, Wilanow and Konstancin the rates for nannies are higher than in other parts of Warsaw. There is a greater demand for child and home care staff in this area and it is more difficult to find experienced nanny locally.

When employing nanny you can consider different options: employment contract, self-employment or via temporary employment agency (outsourcing and payroll services). Prowork is happy to give you some advice regarding the best fitted solution of employing your nanny in Warsaw.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs regarding your nanny requirements and adequate salary to offer.

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