Au Pair w Londynie! Kasia o swoim pobycie...
Au Pair w Londynie! Kasia o swoim pobycie...
 I'm glad I live in London because this city is amazing. I have a lot of possibilities to spend my free time. About a place where I live - I like Herne Hill and everything what is here. I try spending weekends out of home so I do a sightseeing with other au pairs. I have met several great, cheerful and talkative girls. We have already seen Big Ben, Westminster, National Gallery, Science Museum, Chinatown, Hyde Park and Trafalgar Square.

So we don't waste our time here :)

 The begginig was really hard for me. It was difficult to get used to live here, becuase everything is different than in Poland. Now is much better and from day to day I feel more confident and I feel that I'm in a right place, in a place where I wanted to be. My host family is very understanding about me and helpful. They do their best to make me feel like at home. We were in British Museum to see the exhibition "Ancient lives, new discoveries"

yesterday and every common trip let us to get to know each other better.

 I didn't think about any of language schools yet, I'm going to wait with it to September.

 Actually, I learn a real life here. I've got new responsibilities and new possibilities. I'd like to take full advantage of my stay as au pair in London.
Kasia, London July 2014

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